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The Assembly of The Elder Troth would like to welcome you to our website. The AET is an independant Australian organisation dedicated to Germanic Heathenism - its' culture and living history. We promote the study of Northern Mythology, Magic, Religion, Philosophy, Culture and History.

Assembly of The Elder Troth

AET Membership

Membership is offered in the Assembly of The Elder Troth.

Benefits of Membership

  • A person who is a Member of the AET, is a part of a recognised, national corporation, with the associated benefits that this entails.
  • The AET can act as an avocate for its members as an intermediary with Government authorities.
  • Being a member of many organisations opens up the member to liability problems, where if the organisation is sued, or enters financial difficulty, the member can be held liable for the organisations debts. In the case of the AET, as a Corporation Limited by Guarantee, the liability of any individual member is limited to $2.00


(All prices in Australian Dollars $)

  • $20.00 per year

Prospective members need to fill out a membership form and send it to the Company Secretary of the AET. You can download the membership forms here:

Membership Form in JPG Image form 268kb

Membership Form in PDF form 331kb


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