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Artefacts and Construction Techniques of the Viking Age

  • "Loftstue: A Permanent Storage/Living Space" by R.D. Wertz (Lady Sharra of Starwood). Sacred Spaces: the Journal of the Known World Architectural Guild No. 2 (Summer 1993). pp. 21-22. A small Norweigan storage building project. (149kb PDF File Link)
  • Parabow - the Preservation and Re-Construction of Historic Wooden Buildings. Includes an interesting project to complete reconstruction of a Viking craftsman's house within the Ribe complex. Includes some plan sketches.
  • Sutton Hoo - The Sutton Hoo Society web site. It has been produced to give you a brief introduction to the work of the Sutton Hoo Society and the story behind the Anglo Saxon Royal Cemetery at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk in the UK.
  • Viking Bronze - This page deals with ancient metalcraft and research from mainly an experimental approach. The page will provide texts, resources and links related to the archaeology of ancient and early historic metalcrafts.
  • Viking Shields - The 'Viking Shield' from Archaeology, Peter Beatson - NVG Miklagard
  • Woodworking in the Viking Age - Link to the 'Viking Answer Lady' webpage, one of the best online resources dealing with the Viking Age.

Asatru Blotar



Viking Age Men's Clothing

Viking Age Women's Clothing

Culture & Mythological Figures

  • Ancient Latvian Paganism & Mythology - A good site to undertake comparitive study.
  • The Ash Tree in Indo European Culture - Mankind Quarterly, Volume XXXII, Number 4, Summer 1992, pp. 323-336.
  • Asgard - A closer look at the Nordic Myths. This creative Norwegian site (with English section) is a good primer for folk just getting started into Asatru. It's also great for the kids. Highly recommended.
  • Loki - The underappreciated and misunderstood - a Paean in progress
  • Norse Myths - A site dealing with the Norse Culture including the Nine Worlds, Gods, Goddesses and other Wights, as well as our ancestral tales.
  • Thors Hammer - Hammer in the North: Mjollnir in Medieval Scandinavia
  • Sacred Trees - General look at Sacred Trees in Mythology, but with relevance to Asatruar.
  • Santa = Odin? - by Karl Donaldsson (Copyright 2000 CE) - "Something I've always thought of as interesting is that there are folks out there who have never really made the connection that Santa Claus is Odin. It took me a while to think of it myself, but when I started talking to my brother about it, it began to make more and more sense."


Ancient Literature


  • Asatru U - Online courses in Asatru
  • Encyclopedia Mythica - Comparitive Mythology Website
  • The Germanic Heritage Page - Covers Folklore & Mythology, History & Culture, Teutonic Amusement, Language & Literature, Runelore, and Heathen Religion.
  • Heathen Home Schooling - For those who wish to teach their children themselves outside of the school system. Currently under construction - site is empty.
  • Northern Winds - This site is devoted to the study of traditional Germanic and Scandanavian culture and the modern Germanic religious revival.
  • Viking Answer Lady - A very large site dealing with many aspects of the Vikings. Recommended reading.
  • The Witching Hours - Analysis of Medieval laws and society in relation to witchcraft.

Introductions to Asatru


  • Icelandic Pronunciation
  • Johannes' Old Norse Page - Many intersting tidbits
  • Morgunblašiš į Netinu - News from Morgunbladid Daily Newspaper in Reykjavik, Iceland. Here you'll find 24*7 news coverage from Iceland on foreign and domestic news alike, as well as some special features. A good resource for those who wish to test their ability in Icelandic.
  • Níð en Senna - Formal insulting in Old Norse literature - Written and Old Norse translated by Selvårv Stigårð
  • Old Norse for Beginners - Ever wanted to be able to read, speak and understand Old Norse, well, begin here.
  • Translating Runestones - Good introductory site for those who wish to learn the language forms that were commonly found upon Runestones.

Maps & Cartography

Modern Asatru Works




  • Glima - Wrestling of the Vikings
  • Hnefatafl - The Viking Game - Article by Sire Bohémond de Nicée
  • Hnefatafl - The Strategic Boardgame of the Vikings
  • Knattleikr - a cross between rugby and hurley.
  • The Tafl Website - The Raven Runatics Homepage
  • Tafl & Tablut Family - Games of the Tafl family are distinguished by the unequal size of the opposing forces. The objective is usually for the force of fewer numbers to take all the members of the larger forces whose aim is generally to stop them doing so.


  • The Insight - Directory service for Health, Religion, Spirituality & Yoga
  • Pagan - Religion and Spirituality Directory - A huge site organised not only for Asatru, but also other belief systems with links to various organisations, articles, as well as information onsite.
  • Reginheim - Site with many details and information on the Northern Folkway, written primarily by Ansuharijaz.
  • - Portal site, not just for Wicca, but also any Pagan/Heathen, includes news, links, forums, etc.
  • Woden's Harrow - A massive site with poetry, artwork, treatises etc. Well worth a visit.



  • Making Recels - An article by Swain Wodening on the making of various recels.


Chaos Magic

Northern Magic



  • Birka Traders - Local Australian (Sydney) manufacturer of all sorts of items for the Re-enactor and Re-creator.
  • James Wran - Wooden Weapons, Knives/Swords, Jewellery, Leatherwork, Drinking/Hunting Horns - located Lismore NSW.
  • Odins' Treasure Chest - Various Jewellery and other related items - Ebay shop.


  • Europa Germanic Traditions - "Your online catalog of the best merchandise for the Germanic heathen, magician, enthusiast and researcher. We tailor to no specific market - ours is an eclectic mix of interesting Germanic items. As such, we know no boundaries…and refuse to be placed in any category."
  • Hewn - Asatru Books, Jewellery and Fantasy Jewellery
  • The Horn Shoppe - US Supplier of Horns of all types.
  • Against the Grain - features hand carved wooden plaques, plates and other items.
  • Museum Replicas - Sword, Hunting Knives, Daggers, Helmets, Armour, Jewelry etc.
  • Northside - Nordic Roots Music
  • Runa Raven Press Online
  • Tara Hill Designs - Rune Sets, Books, Talismans, Games, Rune Kits, Wands and other special items all made from wood.
  • Theod Bookhoard Online - Online bookstore of the Theod.
  • Wodensdag Press - Asatru Literature and other items.
  • For Vikings Only - Various items with a Viking theme.




    Kungslänken Banner





Camping & Fire

Camping Furniture

  • Chest as Camping Stool
  • Collapsable Wooden Stool
  • The 'Lund' Viking Stool by tephen Francis Wyley.
  • "Making a Tusk Tenon for Knockdown Furniture" by Thomas Rettie (Master Findlaech mac Alasdair). (111kb PDF File Link)
  • Mästermyr Tool Chest - Diagram and Plans by Darrell Markewitz - The Wareham Forge Website.
  • Norwegian Bed (10th Century) by Charles Oakley - Being Based upon an Actual Model Removed from the 10th Century Gokstad Ship. Furniture Plans by Master Charles Oakley: The "Spiffing up Your Campsite" Series Webpage.
    Includes discussion and diagrams for reconstructing the four-post style beds from the Gokstad Ship Find.
  • "Norse Beds" by Gary R.D. Walker (Master Gerekr fjársjándi Rögnvaldsson) - Ravensgard Household Website - Brief discussion with pictures of the evidence for Viking Age beds.
  • Oseberg Bed by Darrell Markewitz - Diagram and Plans - The Wareham Forge Website. - The Oseberg Find included a number of beds. In addition to the best-known examples with the elaborate, carved head-posts, there were simpler frame beds as well, and the simpler type bed is being shown in these plans.
  • Oseberg Sea Chest - Diagram and Plans by Darrell Markewitz - The Wareham Forge Website. This chest appears as catalog item #161 in Roesdahl and Wilson's From Viking to Crusader.
  • Replica Viking Chest - by Stephen Francis Wyley - based on the Mästermyr Find.
  • "Reproduction Norse Beds" by Gary R.D. Walker (Master Gerekr fjársjándi Rögnvaldsson) - Ravensgard Household Website - Discussion of reproductions and adaptations of Viking beds made by Master Gerekr, with plans/diagrams.
  • Portable Table
  • "A Viking Bed" - by Marc Rubinstein (Lord Ælfric of Sarisberie) - The Wright Bent (Vol. 1: No. 4) p. 8. - Extrapolated measurements for the Oseberg bed. (1.02mb PDF File Link)
  • "A Viking Box Chair" by Marc Rubinstein (Lord Ælfric of Sarisberie) - Sacred Spaces: the Journal of the Known World Architectural Guild No. 3 (October 1993) pp. 10-11 - Based on the box chair in the Oseberg burial, includes plans. (142kb PDF File Link)
  • Viking Table Based on the Sala Hytta Find by Stephen Francis Wyley
  • Voxtorp Church Chest - by Stephen Francis Wyley - Plans and Pictures of a Replica.


    • Fish Glue - A History of Fish Glue as an Artist's Material: Applications in Paper and Parchment Artifacts
    • Hide Glue FAQ


  • The Vikings - Equipment Guide - A very good resource coming from the folk at Viking Experience in the United Kingdom. For those interested in period reconstruction of Viking garb, this is their basic kit guide.

Tentmaking - Anglo Saxon Geteld

Tentmaking - General Pavilions and Tents

Tentmaking - Viking "A" Frame

Tentmaking - Yurts

Re-enactment, Re-creation and Living History Organisations

Anglo Saxon


Generic (Covers large time periods and/or cultures)



Runic Fonts

Seið, Spae, Shamanism

Websites Specific to a god or goddess


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