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forex traders The Assembly of The Elder Troth would like to welcome you to our website. The AET is an independant Australian organisation dedicated to Germanic Heathenism - its' culture and living history. We promote the study of Northern Mythology, Magic, Religion, Philosophy, Culture and History.
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The Music Project by Henry Lauer with Lyrics by Rurik Grimnisson (Ygg lyrics by both Henry and Rurik)

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  • 4th Feb - Social
  • 4th Mar - Social
  • 29th Apr - Untergehen
  • 3rd Jun - Disablot
  • 1st Jul - Yule
  • 5th Aug - Social
  • 2nd Sep - Ostara/Freyjablot
  • 4th Nov - Oðinblot
  • 16th Dec - Midsummer

Insight Into Your Life

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Monthly AET Social

34th Gathering

Sunday, 4th March

Location: Cafe Citrus
King Street, Newtown, Sydney, NSW

Time: 2pm


Heathen Art Project

Markus Wolff in association with AJNA is in the longterm process of getting together a book called Heathen Art. They are specifically looking for high quality Heathen and Asatru artists to contribute their artwork to this project. The works will be published in a full-colour coffee table type book. For more details on this, you can visit the AJNA Heathen Art Webpage.

Viking Exhibition - National Maritime Museum - Closed

how to buy facebook shares From the 30th November 2005 through to the 18th June 2006, the Australian National Maritime Museum held an exhibition on the Vikings. You can visit this page for information on what took place.



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